Monday, July 31, 2006

The Team In South Sumatera

The picture shows most of the team member. We were at the 2004 National Adventure Off-Road Championship in Pagar Alam, South Sumatera.

Member Pictures

Dany Darwis, Jono (our helper), Ipam Soesilo and Adi Soerja. On an excursion to the Southern Banten Cultural Kingdom, on Mount Halimun, West Java

Member Pictures

Botek (Agus Budi Kurniawan), wearing sunglasses, and Acoy (Andy). These crazy bears were using Botek's Willys in a racing event. What a crazy son of a gun!

Member Pictures

Agung, he is a mechanic at Ford Indonesia.

Member Pictures

Idris (Ahmad Idris) and Denny Moha. Being a runner-up in a racing event. Idris and Denny are both our crazy drivers... :)

Member Pictures

Haji Is (Moh. Ischak Thohir), wearing black shirt, and Yana (Marsudi Joko Triyono), wearing white shirt.

Pictures taken in a fun racing event.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

West Papua - Manokwari Country Road

Here are some pictures of the country road in Manokwari, West Papua. A really challenging trail. Courtesy of IOF Komda Irjabar (West Papua Region Indonesian Off-Road Federation).

Off-Road In West Papua

We just received some very interesting pictures of 4-wheeling in the West Papua Region (Irian Jaya Barat).

Great pictures, great trail! If you are interested of going, try to call the following number:

IOF Komda Irjabar (West Papua Region Indonesian Off-Road Federation)
Mr. Wawan Kurniawan
CV Awani Kurnia Citra
Jl. Pasir Pasar - Wosi, Manokwari
Irian Jaya Barat
Tel/Fax. +62 986 213 911 or 0812 2489 0113

Pictures are courtesy of IOF Komda Irjabar

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where To Go This Weekend?


My choice would be Gunung Bunder, Bogor and Ruby's in Jonggol.

If you want hardcore 4-wheeling, you should go to Gunung Bunder in Bogor. There are 4 tracks there with distance from 2-km to 6-km. The trip would require winching (strongly advised to have good winch on your rig). Gunung Bunder (alt. 990 meters ASL) is a secondary forest. The place could be reached in about 2-hours drive from Jakarta, heading south to Bogor's Darmaga area. The place has complete tourist facility, from camping ground to cabins. Off-road entry fee for forest preservation is Rp.150,000 per vehicle. Maximum of 10 vehicles only allowed in one day. Don't forget to bring tree trunk protector, snatch blocks and your camera off-course.

For light off-roading, try Ruby's Trail in Jonggol. It is an off-road playground around a wooden villa. You should contact Ruby the owner before going. E-mail me and I'll pass your inquiry to Ruby.

If you just want to warm-up your vehicle, you could try Hills Adventure Zone in Pondok Cabe, Tangerang. Located inside the Villa Bukit Raya housing complex, the 23-hectare playground offers some sophisticated special stages for 4-wheel test drive. Entrance fee Rp.75,000 per vehicle.

Marine Sport, nice, but watch out for tsunamis :(

My choice would be the Thousand Island resorts in Jakarta Bay. You could go scuba diving, ocean kayaking or jetskiing there.

Other places would be in Bali, Menjangan Island or Tulamben wreck. If you like surfing, go to Uluwatu beach.


Try paragliding at Puncak area, west java. You could do tandem flights with certified tandem masters there. Or, if you are a paraglider, try your aerobatic skills. Excellent thermal at the moment.


Try the Gunung Sadon Hunting Resort near Sentul. Take the Jagorawi Highway and head for Bukit Sentul (use the Sentul Selatan exit, Rp.4,000). After exit, follow main road towards the Bukit Sentul housing complex and ask for further direction at the security station.

I'll be home this weekend, too much off-roading already in the past few weeks.

It's Earthquake Season!!!

Earthquake hits my country almost everyday now, really an amazing phenomena!

Scientifically the quakes are explained with all the theories and facts. But when we think further, deeper into our heart, we will be faced to the truth that God is doing something on us at the moment... Does He angry? Or merely controlling world population? Or what?

Let's pray for the world...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Team Picture

The team, almost everyone were there... We were at Mount Halimun for a cultural excursion.

Calendar of Events

July 28-30:
Djarum Super Real Adventure Off-Road (DSRAO) off-road competition, first round, in Kudus, Central Java

August 12-13:
BNR Night Off-Road Challenge, fun off-road competition at Bogor Nirwana Resort, Bogor, West Java

August 4-6
Crop harvest festival (Seren Taun) at the Ciptagelar village, Mount Halimun. Normally heavy off-road involved

August 19-20:
Fun off-road competition at the Carnival Beach, Ancol

August 18-20:
Djarum Super Real Adventure Off-Road (DSRAO) off-road competition, round two, in Bandung, West Java

August 20:
Ford Fun Rally in Bali, for Ford owners.

Indonesia International Motor Show

I went to the Indonesia Motor Show last night with great expectations. Unfortunately, it was not like expected, not many sophisticated cars being displayed, the products were not too many. I think it is one of the worst motor show I ever visited.

The only interesting exhibition was the hybrid truck displayed by Mitsubishi, called the Canter. It is really a fantastic medium-size cargo truck which used hybrid power plant, electric and diesel. The truck designer are really thinking of comfort this time since the truck run on automatic transmission, electronic control dashboard, airconditioning, ergonomic seats, etc. I really like that Canter truck. Mitsubishi also displayed a concept truck called the Concept. It looks like a space craft. Fantastic!

Well, the rest of the show was quite dissapointing from my point of view. If you want to see the show, it will be open until this month end.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

IOF Peduli & Global Rescue Network Into Action On Pangandaran Tsunami

IOF and Global Rescue Network team at site.

IOF base station in Pangandaran

IOF/GRN flying station in Pangandaran.

Pictures are taken by Nuri.

Pangandaran, After 17 July Tsunami

Pictures are taken by Nuri

Friday, July 21, 2006

Report From Pangandaran

Nuri, our team member has arrived and conducted her duties as IOF volunteer delegate in providing aid to the Pangandaran tsunami victims.

Together with the IOF Jawa Barat (West Java Region Indonesian Off-Road Federation), the team has swept a distance of around 80 kilometers along the Pangandaran beach. Along the way, they found 20 refugee camps. The swept areas are Cipatujah, Ciparanti, Legok Jawa, Madasari, Batu Karas, Batu Hiu, Pangandaran Western Beach and Pangandaran Eastern Beach.

Recovery of bodies are conducted from 09:00 until 6:00 every day. Victims with heavy injury were sent to Banjar Hospital, Ciamis Hospital and Tasikmalaya Hospital. Low injury victims were treated at local health stations in Pangandaran, Ciparigi, Cimerak and Cijulang. The local authorities had also prepare a mass burial at Bulak Laut to bury unrecognized victims.

IOF team in this mission work together with the Rotary Club, Global Rescue Network, Radio Republik Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia and local authorities.

As reported by Nuri

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jakarta Earthquake Reads 6.2 Richter Scale

This evening earthquake read at 6.2 on Richter Scale according to

The epicentrum is located at the Sunda Strait with depth of 54km. The quake could be felt strongly in Lampung, Jakarta and Bandung. Indonesian Meteorological & Geophysics Agency (BMG) warn people around coastal area of tsunami alert.

The earthquake is not related to the 17th July's, it's a fresh new one they said.

Java Quake & Tsunami Info

For updated info on the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Java southern coastal area, visit

Damage assessment map sourced from

Big Tremor In Jakarta

At 17:57:20 local time (GMT+7), Jakarta is shaken by a quite heavy tremor (earthquake). This is a continuation of the series of earthquakes recently hits the island of Java.

For information of recent earthquakes, visit

Off-Road Experience For First Timers!

Experience off-road fun and thrills with us! Come and visit Belanova Country Mall on Sunday 23rd July 2006 and gain your first time off-road experience.

Only Rp.10,000 per passenger including refreshment. All vehicles are driven by experienced off-roader and well fitted safety equipments. Off-road trip to Bukit Sentul International Off-Road Park, off Sentul Selatan toll exit.

Supported by Belanova Country Mall, Bukit Sentul International Off-Road Park and Bukit Adventure Team.

Where To Go This Weekend?

21 Jul - 30 Jul: Indonesia International Motor Show 2006 at Jakarta Convention Center
23 Jul: Belanova Country Mall, Bukit Sentul, shop and play at Bukit Sentul International Off-Road Park

Our Team To Assess Quake Victims Condition

Today one of our team member, Nuri, is going to the Pangandaran disaster area to assess the situation together with IOF team. The group will map locations where off-road rescue would be required.

In this journey, some donations from volunteers will be handed to local authorities and or NGOs to aid the victims.

Good luck to you all!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Police Chopper Down At Pondok Cabe

Today at around 14.00 an Indonesian Police helicopter down at Pondok Cabe air strip, Tangerang, Indonesia. Eyewitnesses said that 3 crews were burned in the incident and sent to hospital.

Pondok Cabe airstrip which is operated by Pertamina Aviation has a complete aircraft accident emergency facility.

Reported by Nuri over SMS

Bukit Off-Road Rescue Team On Standby

Our off-road rescue team are on standby status to be deployed to aid earthquake and tsunami victims in West Java disaster.

We have prepared 2 off-road vehicles and rescue volunteers with complete equipment and logistics to provide emergency assistance to the victims.

West Java area are not too difficult to access and there are plenty of resources for disaster management. Therefore our team are in standby mode just in case our resources are required. The government and other NGOs from around the disaster area has been scrambling since the first alarm to aid the victims.

If you want to donate, please send to the following account:
Bank : BCA Cabang Bona Indah, Jakarta - Indonesia
Account # : 608-016853-3
Account Name : Rendra Hertiadhi

We will forward your donation for rescue team operations fund and for victims aid.

Earthquake Hits Java Southern Coast

On Monday July 17, 2006, several earthquakes hits the southern coast of Java causing tsunami tidal waves.

The first earthquake with 6.8 Richter Scale intensity hits at 15.15 Western Indonesia Time (08.15 GMT) and causing a 7-meter tidal wave that hits the areas of Pangandaran (West Java), Cilacap, Bantul, Gunung Kidul and several other areas in Central Java.

Casualties are being observed. Death toll expected to be more than 100 lives.

IOF Peduli Aid For Yogya - Closed

Last Sunday (16 Jul), the IOF Peduli Aid for Yogya Quakes task force has been disassembled. Thank you for all your support during our last mission.

The volunteers are now on standby for other call of humanity duty.

Bukit Adventure Team has been actively involved in the Indonesian Off-Road Federation humanity mission on natural disaster recovery since the Aceh 26th Dec 2004 tsunami disaster, until now, and in the future. It is our committment to the community.

Off-Road GO!!!

First Post

Previously our posts were accessible at However, now we switch to for simplicity.

Bukit Adventure Team is an independent organization of outdoor activities enthusiasts. We love adventure, on-road, off-road, tropical forests, river rapids, the sky, depth of the ocean, just anywhere, beyond roads and concrete forests.

We admire God creations, and for that we travel. We want to preserve the nature, for that we travel. We are not going to conquer the nature, but to love it and be part of it without distance.

So, enjoy our adventure...